Vetadine PVP Iodine Spray

Vetadine PVP Iodine Spray

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Vetadine PVP wound spray is an aid in the treatment or prevention of local infestations in cases of wounds, abcesses, burns and fungal infections. Vetadine PVP wound spray can be used to disinfect umbilical stumps, & also cut teats & udder wounds in cattle. A bactericidal, sporicidal and vermicidal properties. Vetadine PVP wound spray contains povidone-iodine 43.5mg per ml.

Vetadine PVP wound spray acts as a counter irritant and stimulant to wound healing. Its action is less irritant than older forms of iodine. It does not stain, burn or blister the skin, and is fully scourable. Does not stain clothing permanently.

Spray at a distance of 8 - 15cm from the wound. Usually only one spray is sufficient to prevent infection. If used therapeutically when infection is present, treatment may be repeated two or three times and continued as required.

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