ProGroom ProMagic

ProGroom ProMagic

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ProGroom's ProMagic is a multi-purpose spray that detangles and conditions while speeding up drying time for busy groomers. No dilution required. This ready-to-use formula is the magic wand groomers love. 

Speeds up dry time. Excellent detangler and brushing aid. Protects the coat from heat damage and reduces breakage from tool use on frequently brushed coats. Adds shine. Protective layer helps repel dirt and odours. Controls static for high-groom coats, silky and wool coats. Helps maintain styling for longer post-groom and in the showring.

ProGroom ProMagic Directions for Use

Ready to use DO NOT DILUTE. Decant into clean sterile bottles and applicators.


Apply to freshly washed and towel dried hair.


Spray onto clean, towel dried coat before using air, force or fluff dryer.


Spray onto tangled areas. This can be either on a dry or damp coat.


Always read and follow the instructions carefully, including any warnings for use.
It is important to avoid contact with the eyes.
If a dog is squinting or rubbing at eyes, flush gently with tepid water for 5 minutes.


We recommend when you open a product for the first time that you write the opening date on the bottle.
Opened products must be used within the opening time suggested on individual bottle label.
Keep lids on products when not in use and use the product within the recommended time.
Avoid storing your products in direct sunlight or near sources of heat and choose dry, cool storage areas where possible.
Regularly wash and sterilise all applicators and dilution bottles thoroughly.
Allow applicators to dry thoroughly before use.


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