PalaMountains Premium Animal Wash

PalaMountains Premium Animal Wash

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palaMOUNTAINS Premium Animal Wash contains Citronella which is considered a natural insect & fly repellent. A unique coat enhancer has also been added for vibrant colour and brilliant shine for all animal breed colours.

Functional Keratin

Moisturises skin, strengthens &protects fur

Keratin is a family of more than 200 normally non-soluble proteins that play a fundamental role in nature. They are present in tissue such as fur and claws. With high sulphur content and containing a good balance of amino acids, keratins perform a fundamental structural role in nature. Functional Keratin coats the surface of the hair and skin, and provides protection from potentially damaging environments.


Natural insect repellent, pleasant fragrance

Coat Enhancer

For vibrant colour & brilliant shine

Application Instructions

Wet animal’s coat with clean water and apply shampoo sparingly along the back and more under the belly if necessary. For best results with horses, apply with a sponge. Work into a lather over the entire body avoiding contact with eyes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Including special ingredients:


Moisturises skin, strengthens and protects fur.


A natural insect repellent.

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