Nutritech StrongHoof

Nutritech StrongHoof

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Strong Hoof™ works at hoof quality from the inside, helping to promote the development of a sound, hard hoof. It contains a unique blend of nutrients which have been found to promote healthy hoof formation and growth. Where hoof quality is poor or hooves are damaged, these nutrients work together to improve hoof integrity. Strong Hoof™ is an easy to use nutritional supplement, with a scoop enclosed in the container for easy, accurate measuring. Strong Hoof™ contains an oregano flavouring that is very palatable to horses and has been shown to have anti fungal and anti bacterial effects on the feed and can aid in maintaining gut health.

Active Ingredients

Per 30 g dose:

Biotin 15 mg
Calcium 3 g
Iodine 4 mg
Methionine 2 g
Zinc* 400 mg
MSM (methylsulfonymethane) 2.5 g

* The zinc in StrongHoof ™ is entirely derived from an organic sourceto enhance bio-availability.

Recommended Dose Rate

Full and Maintenance Rates
Adult horses (500 kg liveweight)
Full Rate: 60 g (1 heaped ¼ cup)/horse/day; Maintenance: 30 g (2/3 of ¼ cup)/horse/day

Ponies (300 kg liveweight)
Full Rate: 35 g/pony/day; Maintenance: 15 g/pony/day

Directions for Use

Add the required dose into one of the daily feeds and mix thoroughly. Where hoof quality is a problem, Strong Hoof™ should be used at the full rate. Once the hooves are hard and healthy, you can drop back to the maintenance rate, allowing a cost saving.

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