Nupafeed MAH MG Calmer

Nupafeed MAH MG Calmer

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The unmatched effectiveness of Nupafeed Liquid MAH® Calmer lays in the way it is refined. The German Pharmaceutical company, Verla Pharm, pioneered a unique method of refining magnesium to create Magnesium aspartate-hydrochloride - MAH®.

A completely different and superior grade of magnesium to that used in other products, MAH® is exclusive to Nupafeed. Verla Pharm has been supplying the medical industry with their highly acclaimed products since 1949, and for the animal market for the past 25 years.

Does not contain L-Tryptophan, herbs or any ingredient that may compromise performance.

All animals need to have the correct balance of calcium and magnesium. When a horse is highly strung or becomes stressed, anxious, nervous or excited, they burn off magnesium. This allows calcium to overload muscle and nerve cells and replicates the rise of adrenaline. This can cause erratic behaviour, aggressiveness and/or tightening of muscles. Therefore ideal for those in all disciplines of competition, those on box rest, returning to work, foal/youngster preparation for the sales, pregnant/lactating mares

Nupafeed Liquid MAH® Calmer uses a water soluble, complex, pure, amino magnesium which is able to enter the horses’ system very efficiently and absorb into tissue. Our liquid maintains the healthy balance of calcium and magnesium to keep the horse on an even keel, but without compromising performance.