NRM MultiFeed Nuts

NRM MultiFeed Nuts

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NRM MultiFeed Nuts are suitable for a wide range of animals including beef cattle, sheep, goats and deer.

NRM MultiFeed supports improved condition and productivity in ruminant livestock where nutrient demands are high, e.g. pregnancy, lactation, wool growth and liveweight gain. This versatile product will also assist in sustaining stock during periods of critical feed stress.

Feeding Recommendation

NRM MultiFeed is not formulated as a complete feed. Ensure that pasture or silage is always available. Always introduce new feeds gradually. Always ensure access to clean, fresh water.

Ingredients selected from

Grain and grain by-products, plant proteins, molasses, minerals, vegetable oils, mould inhibitor, rumen buffer, vitamins and trace minerals. NRM MultiFeed Nuts are formulated PKE free.