NPC Health Hydra-Flex Care

NPC Health Hydra-Flex Care

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A joint supplement especially formulated for older horses, stiff horses or horses requiring extra support.

Fortified with high potency joint ingredients to care for the joints of your equine.

NPC Hydra-flex CARE supports and cares for older joints, stiff horses or those that need extra joint support. This fortified formula is also suitable to support horses in rehab from tendon/ligament injury.

Hydra-flex CARE is a comprehensive, high potency formula consisting of Glucosamine (Sulphate), MSM, Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic acid), Collagen (Peptides) and natural Devils claw (extract).



Lack of joint lubricant combined with general wear and tear results in poor cartilage health and can also lead to remodelling, bone spurs and degenerative joint disease in horses.

As cartilage begins to deteriorate, movement becomes stiff with joints become inflamed and sore. Eventually, this friction results in the joint ends eroding away to the point where cartilage disappears and the joint ends touch. This bone on bone is also known as osteoarthritis causing the animal pain, inflammation and reduced quality of life.

Description of Hydra-flex CARE

Provides premium specialised care for aging joints, stiffness or as a preventative to maintain great joint health. Contains high strength ingredients to encourage healthy cartilage and synovial fluid as well as providing comfort and ease to movement. Hydra-flex contains 100 % active ingredients and is free of fillers.

Scientifically proven benefits

Glucosamine at oral administration of 10,000 or more is demonstrated to be an integral part of helping to strengthen, maintain and protect cartilage (ref: American Journal of Veterinary Research Medicine, 2008). It also demonstrated in a study to reduce inflammation inside the joint capsule on young horses after joint trauma.  (ref: Journal of Animal Health 2016, 94: 3294-3302).

MSM supports muscular, skeletal and connective tissues as well as controls inflammation in the body. High levels of MSM at a rate of 20 grams daily was demonstrated in clinical assessments to effectively reduce inflammation in horses. The pathway is not entirely known but it is thought sulphur lowers inflammation be lending a donor (Sulphur) molecule that is used in the pathways for internal reactions. MSM also has a solvent action enhancing the effect of substances.

Hyaluronic acid also known as HA is a primary component of the synovial fluid providing a slip surface. This "slip" helps to lessen friction on cartilage surfaces and with its very hygroscopic properties, it binds many times its on weight in water also keeping the cartilage hydrated and healthy. Cartilage bathes in the joint capsule and it is here where it absorbs its nutrition from the body.

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid is the only form that should be used for oral consumption in horses. This form is superior to low molecular weight HA as cell receptors recognise this as being similar to native HA (the HA the body naturally manufactures). This is proven by science to be the best absorbed and as a result is the hyaluronic acid of choice in equine joint supplements (ref: Journal of applied Nutrition, volume 54, 1, 2004), Therefore, high molecular weight HA is the only hyaluronic acid that provides proven joint benefits. Beware of low molecular weight hyaluronic acids, as this is inferior and cannot be regarded to provide the same joint benefits.

Collagen Peptides proven by science to be the most absorbable form of collagen encouraging healthy bone, cartilage, skin, tendons and ligaments and repair. Clinical studies have been impressive showing regeneration of damaged cartilage cells. As collagen is lost when the body ages this has becomes an important component in maintaining joint as well as connective tissue health.

Devils claw in a highly concentrated form offers high potency at a low dose for more protection of joints. Scientific studies show devils claw extract to be highly effective as an anti-inflammatory and relief ingredient by blocking the pain mediators that cause and initiate sore, inflamed joints.

Inflammation is damaging and therefore it is important this is controlled. The process of inflammation releases enzymes which weaken tissue and cartilage, accelerating damage to cells and pain and swelling.

Hydra-flex CARE contains a potent blend to help increase the comfort and flexion in your horse.

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