NPC Health Gastro Soothe

NPC Health Gastro Soothe

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SOOTHE and SUPPORT!  Fast comfort for stomachs. Ideal for horses that stress and/or are prone to ulcers. Use before travelling, riding or daily for the ulcer prone horse.

Ulcers hurt! ulceration is an acid burn to the stomach lining and common place with horses. In order, to encourage healing a coating on the gut is necessary. Gastro-S instantly soothes and comforts the stomach(gut) providing a natural gelatinous material whilst also helping to restore gut health. Ideal for horses that stress, those prone to ulcers, following surgery, illness and minor stomach complaints.

The natural jelly like substance brings instant relief to the stomach whilst helping to restore the gut. Nil swab for competition (FEI 2023).

100 % natural ingredients! Slippery Elm and Psyillium. These ingredients soothe both the gut and digestive system whilst also restoring a healthy gut.

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