HP Market Harborough Set

HP Market Harborough Set

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This is one of the most useful pieces of equipment in our Tack Shed….for many reasons:

  • Contrary to a lot of thinking, Market Harborough's are actually far softer and protective for a horse, from the often bad hands of many novice riders;
  • They are a hugely useful tool for us to diagnose non obvious veterinary problems in the horse. Ones that vets can’t put their finger on;
  • Valuable for the re-mouthing the horse and for introduction to ‘on the Bit’ for ‘Green Horses’;
  • They are similar to ‘training wheels’ for learners, removing much of the torment that occurs for Horses…..and more.

This system has evolved and perfected across many thousands of aggrieved Horses.

These all have more options than any other on the planet and are the strongest and the best leather!

Ideal for training the off the track thoroughbred or standardbred. Will save you months of work.

Available in black or brown, and in Full, Cob, Pony, and now Shetland. Stitched and riveted D-rings on reins, made to last.

Set includes neck strap/girth attachment, reins, and running rein clip set. Full & Shetland sizes also include free running martingale attachment.

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