Horze Crescendo Lester Bridle

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The U-shaped crystal-covered brow band provides elegant sparkle on this finely-crafted flash bridle.

The careful craftsmanship of this sophisticated Horze Lester Snaffle Bridle is evident in the lovely attention to detail, including the ergonomically-shaped crown. These fine details will accentuate your horse’s head. The U-shaped brow band is adorned in stunning crystals and a delicate piping adds subtle decoration to the noseband with detachable flash. Included anti-slip reins intertwined with rubber provide a secure grip for the serious rider.

  • Premium quality leather
  • Crystal-adorned U-shaped brow band
  • Ergonomically-styled crownpiece
  • Detachable flash noseband
  • Includes rubberized intercontinental web reins 

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