Hoof Formula

Hoof Formula

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Noticeabley improves the quality of horn growth
Formulated and tested by the Department of Veterinary medicine at the University of Liege
Contains the correct balance of nutrients for strong hoof growth
Arguably the most effective hoof supplement available for horses in NZ
Higher levels of biotin than most other hoof supplements
Recommended by vests and farriers because it actually works
Highly palatable - horses just love eating it
Owners also report improvement in coat and overall condition in their horses as an added benefit to stronger hooves
Stronger, better quality hooves = healthier horse
Scoop included for easy and accurate measuring

Use Kevin Bacon's Hoof Formula for:
-Thin, sensitive soles
-Brittle hooves
-Soft, crumbly feet
-Neglected horses
-Shoe loss

Kevin Bacon's Hoof Formula is the ideal supplement for horses and ponies who have suffered from an injury or damage to the horny hoof wall or have been rescued from neglect.
The hoof wall is grown from the highly vascular coronary band area at the top of the hoof. As new horn is produced, the older horn grows down and is replaced. By the time it reached the ground surface, the horn has been exposed to damage from knocks, concussion and the changing weather conditions - it has taken a bit of a bashing and this is a common reason taht weak and poor quality hooves crack, split and fall to pieces.
Feeding Kevin Bacon's Hoof Formula can improve the quality of horn growth at the top to give the hoof a better chance of withstanding the things it will be exposed to as it grows down. Give the hoof wall the very best chance of being as strong and healthy as possible from the moment it is grown rather than trying to fix problems once they've already occurred.

Vitamin A, Biotin (Vitamin H), Vitamins B12, Vitamin PP (Niacin), Methionine, Postassium, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, MSM, Lysin, Tryptophan, Threonin, Probiotics.

Recommended daily does:
1/4 scoop (40g) per 100kg of body weight
Ponies 1/2 scoop (80g) per day
Horses 1 scoop (160g) per day.
When there is noticeable new horn growth (usually after 1-2 months of continuous use), switch to maintenance dose (one half of daily dose).

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