Hairy Pony Wash Bay Brush

Hairy Pony Wash Bay Brush

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Deep cleanse your horse's coat & skin with our new, eco-friendly HAIRY PONY WASH BAY BRUSH! Designed with functionality in mind, the HAIRY PONY WASH BAY BRUSH features cactus fiber bristles, a comfortable wheat fiber handle, as well as a rope to wear whilst washing & conveniently hang to dry.

Firmer than a sponge yet still flexible, the HAIRY PONY WASH BAY BRUSH'S natural cactus fiber bristles offer a gentle, deep cleanse of your horse's coat & skin. The bristles are securely packed in to the handle, which is made using cutting-edge technology that transforms wheat farming waste in to a durable, waterproof material.

HAIRY PONY WASH BAY BRUSH measures approx. 12.5cm x 9cm.

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