Hairy Pony Plaiting Kit

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The HAIRY PONY PLAITING KIT includes everything you need to plait & braid your horse, all in a luxury HAIRY PONY GIFT BAG! Show preparation has never been easier (and a whole lot quicker!) with our signature plaiting products, including the game-changing Hairy Pony Plaiting Apron. 


• 1 x Plaiting Apron 

• 1 x Taming Wax  

• 1 x Small Flat Waxed Thread (78m)

• 1 x Non-Snap Elastics 

• 2 x Stainless Steel Plaiting Needles 

• 1 x Straight Scissors 

• 1 x Thinning Scissors 

• 1 x Fastening Scissors 

• 1 x Mane Sectioning Comb

• 1 x Hairy Pony Gift Bag