HAAS Diamond Brush Set

HAAS Diamond Brush Set

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HAAS Diamond Brush Set: - Matching brush set of 5 top quality German-made brushes with a touch of distinctive sparkle on base. 

Diamond Classic: Great brush for getting into the undercoat. Firm 2 lengths of bristle brush 

Diamond Noir: Flick brush made from high-quality 100% horsehair bristles. Perfect for brushing off fine dust, dirt, and dander from the horse's coat to create more shine. 18cm in length, Bristle length is 5cm 

Diamond Wurzel: Dense robust bristles remove even stubborn dirt with ease.

Diamond Gloss: Perfect for those finishing touches, and is recommended for use after the initial brushing giving the coat a soft and shiny appearance. 

Diamond Diva: The perfect brush for a glossy finish.  Mattes Platinum Merino lambswool inner, the outer border of the brush is made from soft horsehair. 

Made in Germany

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