Grand Meadows Grand Hoof

Grand Meadows Grand Hoof

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Powerful Hoof Nutrients

Problems with your horse’s hooves?

Are you tired of losing shoes, dealing with crumbly hoof walls, quartercracks, tender and sore hooves? Building a healthy hoof is crucial to keeping your horse sound and performing at his best.

Grand Hoof’s original formula, developed over 20 years ago is a formula that has all the ingredients to support the growth and maintenance of strong, tough, healthy hooves. Their potent formulas will give you the best and fastest results – results you and your farrier have been looking for.

First you’ll see a new healthier band of hoof growth directly below the coronary band. Remember – it takes 3-6 months for solid improvement and almost a year for the hoof to completely grow out.

Biotin, stimulates keratin production in the hoof’s laminae and coronary band to support the hoof wall, frog and white line, minimizing weak walls and cracks and protecting the exterior hoof wall from moisture damage.

Methionine increases delivery of hoof building nutrients and supports the connective tissues inside the hoof wall. Methionine work as vasodilators, relaxing blood vessels vital to circulating nutrient rich blood into the small capillaries inside the hoof.

Zinc, Copper, Lysine and B-6 – are important for protein and enzyme synthesis for proper hoof function and growth.

Diamond V™ Prebiotic Fermented Yeast supports feed digestibility and utilization.


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