GG Calm + Mag Paste

GG Calm + Mag Paste

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Relieve stress nervous tension and anxiety. Useful for hot and flighty horses. May help balance behaviour and support normal clarity. 60ml syringe with 3 potent doses.


A calming relaxing formulation useful for anxious stressed horses. Useful training aid for young horses, as a support when travelling or shoeing, to ease separation anxiety, assist in maintaining a relaxed and focused state in sale yards or when hunting and/or during competition.
GG Calm+Mag improves cognitive performance and stabilizes behavioural disposition. Does not impair judgement nor dampen natural charisma.
Each 20ml dose contains.

Californian Poppy 3800mg
Passionflower 3000mg
Kava 8400mg
Tryptophan 500mg
Magnesium 240mg