Brookby Herbs Free Mover

Brookby Herbs Free Mover

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Dried herbs can be used as equine joint supplements and to help maintain a healthy musculo-skeletal system, which is critical in the case of older horses. Many horses become stiff because of old age, injuries or poor nutrition. By supplementing your horse's diet with some natural essential herbs, you can help maintain healthy flexible joints and a much more free moving horse. Laminitis and navicular also create similar problems for horses and can be treated with the same herbs in a maintenance fashion. 

Herbs will:

  • help maintain a healthy musculo-skeletal system
  • improve flexibility and movement in the joints
  • neutralise the acidity in the horses system
  • increase circulation

A handful of herbs can make a world of difference

Free Mover (Devil's Claw Blend) Dried

A traditional blend of dried herbs to maintain a healthy musculo-skeletal system in your older horses. Devil's Claw is a very effective and popular herb for older horses and for maintaining flexibility and movement in the joints and muscles. High in vitamins and minerals to increase circulation and promote good health.

Devil's Claw is traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory herb and combined with willow bark which is said to be your natural aspirin , as is Meadowsweet you are providing a healthy nutritional approach to good health.


Both the dried and the liquid Free Mover are real customer favourites for older horses that suffer from stiff joints and to keep joints conditioned and free moving. Ideal for horses that are in training and competing.