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Fly Ax

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Fly-ax is a granular bait that is highly attractive to many species of flies including house flies, blow flies, biting, nuisance and bot flies. Fly-ax has a fly sex attractant plus other ingredients to attract flies, flies feeding on the bait are quickly killed either by ingestion or contact.
Active Ingredients;
¦The insecticide Methomyl 10g/kg
¦Fly sex attractant Tricolure*(Muscalure)
¦Plus Gustative baits

Formulated and produced in New Zealand Fly-ax is a preventative product that reduces the possibility of fly populations from establishing and is the key to prevent populations from becoming infestations and reducing the likelihood of fly related problems.

NZFSA Approval

Fly-ax is approved for use in premises registered under the Animal Products Act, NZFSA Approved Type B (all animals except dairy)

This means that Fly-ax is approved for use around food producing animals and all premises processing animal product except dairy factories or in areas processing edible product.

Fly-ax uses.
¦Fly-ax is ideal for use in the following areas/situations, wherever flies are found outside
¦Wool sheds and yards at shearing and docking
¦Dairy farms (not within 20 metres of the vat or shed) and feed pads and effluent areas around the dairy shed, cattle feedlots
¦Horse stables and yards especially areas when bot flies are prevalent.
¦Piggeries/pig sties

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