Equine Country Farriers Choice

Equine Country Farriers Choice

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Farrier’s Choice is a high strength nutrient formula which provides nutrients for Strong Hooves, Gut health, Healthy skin, Shiny coat, Mane & Tail. It’s especially formulated with phospholipids, Omega3 fatty acids with EPA & DHA, Essential Amino Acids (Protein building blocks),  Minerals and Vitamins for faster Hoof Growth(Hoof wall, Sole, Frog & Heel) & Hoof Strength.

The nutrients in Farrier’s Choice also interact with the cell membrane of the mucosal epithelium to  strengthen the mucosa which can resist the acid damage. It also promotes Pliable Skin, Deep Coat Color & Coat Sheen.

It can also strengthen connective tissues of joints & Ligaments.

It can also help the horse with stable vices like crib biting, weaving, blanketing etc.

It can also lower horse’s anxiety, flightiness and can increase Calmness & Tractability

Ingredients: Glycine max. meal, Brassica napus meal, Dehydrated Alfalfa meal, Phospholipids, Kelp Meal, Marine Fish oil, DL-Methionine, Aluminium silicate, Zinc Oxide, Biotin, Copper Sulphate, Manganese Sulphate

DE(MJ/Kg)                       18.00        

Crude Protein%             30.00       

Crude Fat%                    12.00

Crude Fibre%                   6.50

NDF%                              18.00

Starch%                          <3.00

Calcium mg/kg              1.103

Phosphorus mg/kg         1.29

Potassium mg/kg              3.5

Sodium mg/kg               0.023

Chlorine mg/kg                0.13

Magnesium mg/kg          0.55

 Sulphur mg/kg                0.81

Manganese mg/kg            7.8

Zinc mg/kg                      2949

Copper mg/kg                1002

Iron mg/kg                       36.9

Selenium mg/kg              0.09

Iodine mg/Kg                   14.2

Biotin mg/kg                  236.0

Choline mg/kg             5952.0

Inositol mg/kg             7054.0

Phosphatidylcholine%   4.40

Omega 3%                       1.10

Alanine                                     2.25

Argininne                                 3.15

Aspartic Acid                           4.18

Cystine                                     1.14

Glutamic Acid                          8.82

Glycine                                     2.51

Histidine                                  1.38

Isoleucine                                2.14

Leucine                                    3.64

Lysine                                       6.93

Methionine(%)                        6.24

Phenylalanine                         2.16

Proline                                      2.99

Serine                                       2.31

Threonine                                2.18

Tryptophan                              0.64

Tyrosine                                   1.54

Valine                                        2.64

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