VetPro Performance Support Airways

VetPro Performance Support Airways

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This is a nutriceutical supplement for horses that are involved in strenuous fast work, such as racing, eventing, hunting and active fast training where the horse may be asked for high speed sustained over a distance.
It is of particular assistance to horses who are in recovery from an airways virus and returning to training. It is important to note that one of the initiating factors of the problem – is the airway infection or virus that may not have been detected early enough and the horse may not have been given sufficient rest or support therapy doing this time. As a result the immune system is reduced in efficiency and the capillaries weakened. Ongoing correct management after such and episode is important, such as dampening all feeds and wash hay, reducing dust, especially in the barn cleaning and bed changing – remove the horse when this is occurring.

One of the key ingredients is called Rutin, this is natural substance derived from some plants and yields quercetin and rutinose
It is used in many countries in human therapeutics as a vasoprotectant, assisting the strengthening of small capillaries which have become fragile and broken down. Literally its the pressure of the strenuous exercise creating a high air demand through the lungs, that cause the capillaries to breakdown and leak.  Horses that are roarers, even surgically adjusted, have a greater pressure build up and are therefore prone to this problem.

There is limited science in equine applications but strong anecdotal evidence is such that this ingredient, especially when enhanced with Vitamin C, can assist in the recovery of horses to full performance levels, but also as a preventative to reduce the negative effects of high speed or prolonged strenuous work. The pressure created in the lungs under stress, can cause the capillary walls to break down.

To be most effective it needs to be fed over a sustained period , ie all the time the horse is in work, and in conjunction with a more carefully prepared work schedule and a stable management regime to reduce any negative influences on the airways.

Nutritional supplementation should be started prior to the horse starting training, whether from a rest turn out, or illness.

Another factor in capillary weakness is a lowered immune system, so full levels of Vitamins A, D and C have been included in the product to assist an improvement with this vital aspect.

Vitamin A can be deficient in horses on restricted green pasture, but fed predominately grain and hay instead. This is often the case with racing horses.

Vitamin D is readily available to grazing animals exposed to daily sunlight, but again horses kept stabled or night grazed may have sub optimal levels which is negative to performance and the integral health of the horse.

Vitamin C is well known for its anti-oxidant properties, reducing the damaging free radicals developed in the transfer of cellular energy. However its inclusion in the formula is also to enhance the effects of Rutin and assist horses in recovery from stress and illness.

The product Rutin is a bioflavanoid and does not contravene racing regulations, neither does the level of Vitamins.

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