Equine America ULS-Gard Solution

Equine America ULS-Gard Solution

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Horses are designed to trickle feed – grazing for up to 16 hours a day. This means that they need to constantly secrete acid to help digest this almost continual source of food entering their stomach. A grazing horse will also produce up to 9 gallons of saliva a day which as well as lubricating the food, also acts to help maintain a healthy gastric pH.

Furthermore, the physical presence of food in the stomach acts as a fibrous “mat” or barrier to support gastric health.

The horse has a small stomach, and food does not stay in there for very long, so even short periods during the day without access to forage should be minimised.

Providing a small amount of forage, such as a handful of chaff, prior to exercise will also support gastric health and comfort.

There are a number of additional management tips which may also help support gastric health:

  • Plan yard and field regimes to avoid stressors such as bullying or excessive activity near the stable.
  • Avoid high starch feeds and instead use a forage-based regime with digestible fibre sources and oil to provide additional energy.
  • Try to provide periods of turnout or hand-grazing if possible, to enable the horse to benefit from antioxidants in fresh green forage.
  • Plan training and competition schedules carefully, especially where long-distance travel may result in restricted forage intake.

Equine America ULS-gard Solution has been formulated using carefully selected ingredients to help maintain gastric health and comfort including:

Calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate help to support a healthy gut pH.

Lecithin – a special type of fat that helps to support healthy stomach lining cells.

Pectins, Marshmallow root and Liquorice – to help produce mucilage to help support the unprotected upper portion of the stomach.

Aloe Vera and Glycine – to help support the gastric mucosa (lining of the stomach).

Prebiotics – from chicory, to help support a healthy gastric microbiome.

Additional Management factors to help support digestive health and comfort.

  • Turnout to grass where practical and possible, ideally with a placid companion, even if only for short periods.
  • Ensure ad-lib forage where practical. For good-doers, where calories are restricted, offer very frequent, but controlled amounts of forage, with the largest allocation overnight. Select clean, but low-calorie forage to enable larger amounts to be offered.
  • Offer forage in different locations in the stable to encourage natural foraging behaviour.
  • Try to reduce social stressors such as bullying stablemates, or proximity to the feed store.
  • Feed a good double handful (or 1 round scoop) of alfalfa chaff before exercise or competition warm-up to provide a fibrous “mat” in the stomach – even if forage is available in the stable or lorry.

Benefits of ULS-gard Solution

  • Natural, nutritional support for gastric health and comfort (Calcium, magnesium, lecithin, pectin, glycine).
  • Key ingredients traditionally used to calm the stomach wall (Aloe vera, marshmallow root liquorice).
  • Prebiotics from chicory to support a healthy microbiome.
  • Palatable and easy to mix for fussy feeders.
  • Suitable for foals at a reduced serving rate.

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