Equinade Glo Shampoo - All Colours

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Equinade Showsilk Glo Shampoo whitens and brightens like no other. Probably the best formulated whitening, brightening, conditioning and value for money shampoo available. It counteracts yellow discolouration, brightens and high lights the coat giving a dazzling finish.

Its ingenious formulation does not contain bleaching agents which may be harmful to the hair and skin. The results are achieved with blue pigments, optical brightening and anti-bacterial agents carried in a concentrated shampoo, gentle to the hair and skin.

Glo shampoo can be applied by saturating the coat with water and applying the shampoo to small areas and massaging to a rich lather. For very dirty or yellow, stained coats, leave the shampoo in for three to five minutes before thoroughly rinsing. Repeat if necessary. Alternatively, wet the coat, add some shampoo to a bucket of water and apply this to the coat with a sponge, massaging to a rich lather. Allow to stand for three to five minutes, then thoroughly rinse off.

Glo shampoo because of its unique formulation, provides fantastic results on any colour animal. It is pH balanced and suitable for all types of animals and birds.    

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