Elite Equine Compete

Elite Equine Compete

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Compete is total system support for hard working horses or even horses that need a bit more condition, strength or help from recovering from illness.  Offering everything your horse needs on a daily basis for optimum health and it is unnecessary to feed any other mineral or probiotic supplements. 

100% organic and helps condition and produce a high shine! 

Feeding Compete can help protect your horse from laminitis, some forms of colic and other issues from a nutritional angle and can prolong your horses competitive life. 

Other benefits are darker, finer coats and horses tend to lose their winter coats typically a month earlier. Some horses, when receiving Compete for the first time during mid-winter, will shed their coats almost straight away. Skin and hoof quality is improved and horses shine even in winter.
  • Important macro and trace minerals in organic proteinate form.
  • Organic magnesium supplement
  • Organic Selenium Supplement
  • Pro Biotic for optimum digestion
  • Immune Boost
  • Bio Chrome – for muscle building
  • Hooves and Coat Support – High Shine

1.5kg bag

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