Elite Equine Chill Me

Elite Equine Chill Me

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Effective in promoting calm focus and relaxation

  • Relieves stress & anxiety
  • Relieves nervous tension
  • Contains no banned substances
  • Safe for long term use

Chill Me is ideal for horses dealing with change, and stressful situations and helps them cope in a more relaxed and focused way. Chill Me is a non-drowsy formula containing no Kava Kava and so is perfect for travelling or in situations where the horse has to perform reliably.

Although Chill Me does not contain added magnesium, it works very well in conjunction with your usual magnesium supplement, and this does enhance the effect further.

Chill Me is a low dose (20g) safe formula that is gentle on the stomach and is safe for long term use such as horses in box rest.


Not recommended for pregnant mares

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