Eco Horse Chunky Charcoal Soap Block

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The beautiful swirls of Activated Charcoal in our Chunky Charcoal Soap Block is well-known for its ability to absorb impurities and deeply clean, leaving your horse with exceptionally clean skin and soft shiny coats.

It is perfectly safe for use on absolutely any colour of horse, from Greys and Palominos right through to Bays and Blacks. Charcoal is not a dye so it will not colour them, but it will make their colours brighter and their whites whiter.   Our Chunky Charcoal Soap Block even has our gorgeous Spearmint Essential Oil in it which helps to alleviate itchy skin so is great for most skin types, plus it smells amazing too!

Comes in a natural Hessian bag.  Either use it in the bag and take advantage of the texture it provides to give a good scrub, or take it out to use and pop it back in and hang up to dry.  The choice is entirely yours. 

The charcoal we use is sustainably sourced in New Zealand.

Approximate weight is 135gm

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