Dunstan Move Free

Dunstan Move Free

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A textured feed formulated for Horses prone to ‘Tying –Up’.

  • Super Fibres
  • Low Starch
  • Elevated levels of key antioxidants
  • Organic Minerals
  • Selenium yeast
  • Natural Vitamin E
  • Addition of a Live Yeast
  • Includes Chromium
  • Includes Melofeed®
  • Extruded Grains

Dunstan Move Free is ideal for horses with high energy demands for performance that do not tolerate high grain diets, instead benefitting from a low starch ration, due to physiological or behavioural needs.

Dunstan Move Free is a calorie-dense formulation suitable for all horses prone to tying up.

The inclusion of Super Fibres (Sugarbeet & Soya Hulls) provide calories from low starch, quality fibre sources, not only to assist in managing 'tying-ip' but also for digestive health. Steam Flaked Lupins contribute a low starch, high protein, high fat, energy-dense ingredient, ideal for the working horse.

Dunstan Move Free includes Melofeed®, a natural source of primary antioxidants. The antioxidant properties of Melofeed® benefit equine muscular health by assisting to maintain cell membrane integrity and helping to prevent muscle lesions that may occur in horses during intense training.

Elevated levels of Vitamin E and Selenium are included in this formula, with Selenium provided in the more available form of Selenium Yeast and Vitamin E as Natural Vitamin E.

Additional electrolytes as Potassium Chloride and Magnesium Oxide are included to aid muscle integrity and assist in reducing anxiety from Magnesium deficiency.

Chromium Yeast is included as an aid to overall energy utilisation and as an agent to help reduce lactic acid accumulation, a factor often associated with tying up.

Soya Hulls, Sugarbeet, Steam Flaked Lupins, Extruded Barley, Bran & Pollard, Fibre Pellet, Soyabean Oil, Molasses, Crushed Peas, Sunflower Seeds, Salt, Magnesium Oxide, Vitamins and Minerals, Potassium Chloride, Melofeed®, Chromium Yeast, Selenium Yeast.


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