Blocker Tie Ring

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Scared of your horse pulling back in a panic and breaking something? Here is your alternative!

Safe, Quick & Easy to use

Adjustable, Humane and forgiving

Relieves the source of panic

Perfect for the stables or the float

The Blocker Tie Ring Mk2 is designed to be a support system rather than a restraint system. It allows a horse to pull some slack in the lead rope when he panics or falls. This releases pressure, and with it, the source of the panic. The amount of hold can be regulated by varying the tying configuration. The Mk2 features "Mag-Loc" to keep the tongue in place, making the ring more stable when mounted at any height.

The Blocker Tie Ring Mk2 can be used anywhere a horse needs to be tied up - inside and outside a truck or float, with cross ties, picket ties, in the stable, at the wash bay or on long distance rides.

Each pack contains the tie ring, one quick snap, screw eye attachments and 12 page instruction booklet.

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