BetaVet Electrolift

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Electrolift is a palatable source of electrolytes to help maintain hydration in sport horses.

  • Nutritional herbal and electrolyte feed supplement to help replace minerals/salts lost in sweat to assist with hydration and recovery of sport and race horses.
  • Does not contain selenium.
  • Ensure adequate water is available.

BetaVet Ltd for innovative formulae developed from the latest clinical research and traceable quality assured ingredients.

Each 30gm dose contains:

    • Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) 9600mg dried herb equivalent;
    • Sodium 1185mg; Chloride 1194.75mg;
    • Magnesium 96mg; Calcium 185.76mg;
    • Potassium 1940.25mg.
    • Also contains natural licorice flavour and molasses.



  • Give 30gm once daily.
  • Add to feed or give orally.
  • Ensure adequate water is available.

Disclaimer: We recommend product to be used in accordance to Racing Industry Rules including withholding on raceday.

For industry rules consult with your veterinarian.

Store below 30˚C away from direct sunlight.
Keep out of reach of children.
For animal treatment.
Seek veterinary advice if symptoms persist.

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