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BetaVet BuildAGut

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A supplement for all horses and ponies to maintain stomach and hind gut health and balance.

Medicinal herbs and natural minerals for digestive health.

BUILDAGUT contains traditional digestive calming and healing herbs blended with a natural source of highly bioavailable minerals and balanced with additional fibre plus blackcurrant extract rich in polyphenols providing excellent prebiotic action. The perfect blend to calm, restore and enhance the digestive tract.

BuildaGut Benefits:

  • Helps protects gastric mucosa from continued exposure to stomach acids.
  • Enables healthy gut flora upset by manufactured diets, stress, intensive
    exercise, fasting and/or medications to flourish.
  • For improved appetite, gut and intestinal health.
  • Red marine algae contains a source of calcium shown to be more highly digestible than other forms of minerals.
  • Supports the beneficial microorganism population of the cecum and colon by minimizing the acidity of the hindgut.
  • For balanced behaviour for more consistent performance.


  • Chamomile flowers are an ideal herb to use with upset digestion as well as calming, soothing and assisting the healing of inflamed and irritated digestive tissue. This will be ideal for horses recovering from gastric ulceration.
  • Fennel fruit seeds have significant activity to assist in the breakdown of proteins. Fennel acts as a carminative, relaxing the digestive tract. It also aids digestion and digestive secretions to enhance nutritional feed uptake.
  • Blackcurrant polyphenols have a prebiotic effect. New Zealand blackcurrants contain high amounts of polyphenols – predominately polymeric anthocyanins or proanthocyanins. Polyphenols have been found to increase the abundance of specific bowel flora such as Akkermansia muciniphila and therefore have a significant prebiotic effect.
  • Fibrulose or Chicory root extract is a natural sweetener without the sugar! It provides fructo-oligosaccharides and dietary fibre. Fibrolose is included in this formulation to add soluble fibre – its content is 93% fibre – to support healthy bowel flora. Dietary fibre acts as a prebiotic, feeding healthy bacteria essential to gastrointestinal health.

Feeding Rates:

  • Ideally split between 2 feeds: One scoop of powder = 50gm
    • Foal/Yearlings 25gm (Loading rate 50gm for 10 days)
    • Sport/Brood Mares 50gm (Loading rate 100gm for 10 days)
    • Available in 500gm, 1.5kg, 3kg and 10kg.

Contents: Proprietary blend of:

  • Phymatolithon calcareum
  • Blackcurrant extract
  • Fibrulose
  • Magnesium aspartate
  • Chamomile extract
  • Fennel extract

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