Zilco Defender Neck Sock

Zilco Defender Neck Sock

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Zilco defender neck sock. Made from high quality, luxurious polyester polar fleece, the Zilco Defender Neck Sock is great to use as "underwear" or on show days. It complements the rest of the Defender range, but it's classic colour tones will also match a variety of other rugs.

The neck sock has satin lining, and because it is designed to be a snug fit, this helps to prevent rubbing. It is incredibly comfortable, warm and lightweight and is machine washable. Because the material is quick to dry, this makes it easier to keep clean to further prevent rubbing through the mane.

Ideal for: Stable, Competition

- Polyester polar fleece
- Satin lining to prevent rubbing
- Machine washable
- Removable elastic straps for connecting to your rug

Colour: Navy Blue - Light Blue/Red/Navy Binding