Windsucking Miracle Collar

Windsucking Miracle Collar

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The miracle windsucking collar effectively stops horses of all ages, breeds & disciplines from cribbing.

Great reasons to try the Miracle Collar:

Effective: the unique, patented design applies pressure to the larynx only when the horse attempts to crib, so it can be worn during all normal activities for maximum effectiveness.
Handcrafted Quality: made of quality harness leather, nickel plated hardware and durable thread to withstand daily use in all weather conditions.
Great Fit: Snug yet comfortable fit keeps collar in place and helps prevent the hair loss, sores and chafing that may occur with other poorly fitting collars.
Saves Time and Money: eliminates the cost of other anti-cribbing devices, expensive paints, veterinary bills and damage to stables and fences.

Made in store by our saddlers!