Stop Greasy Water Resistant Oinment

Stop Greasy Water Resistant Oinment

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Stopgreasy Water Resistant Ointment

An all natural topical salve which may help to alleviate minor dermatological abnormalities.  Stopgreasy is a natural herbal product that has been developed to address less severe cases of greasy heel, a frustrating condition for both horse and owner.

Directions Before applying, thoroughly clean the affected area with baby oil or paraffin. DO NOT USE WATER OR SOAP. Only remove loose scabs.

Volumes Stopgreasy is available in pots of 200 grams or 600 grams

Ingredients Beeswax, Melaleuca oil, enzymes.

Withholding period NIL

Does not contain any FEI prohibited substances as per the January 2018 Register.
Manufactured in Australia under GMP conditions by Agricure Pty Ltd.
Australian regulatory status: Registration not required.

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