Sprenger KK Ultra Bradoon Bit

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These mouthpieces have evolved as a result of discoveries made about the horse's mouth:
1) The volume of the mouth is less than previously believed
2) The palate is narrower and flatter than originally thought
These factors mean there is less width on the tongue, and less space between the tongue and the roof of the mouth - thus it is more likely that the joint in a single-joint bit will hit the palate and disturb the horse.
The KK mouthpiece eliminates pressure on the palate and curves comfortably around the tongue and lower jaw.
The Ultra goes one step further with a center link which is slightly shorter to accommodate narrower jaws, and turned on an angle so that when there is tension on the reins, the link rests flat on the tongue without squeezing it.

All Ultra bits are made with Aurigan - the first metal designed specifically for a horse's mouth. Ultra bits must be fitted with the small arrow pointing forward on the left side of the horse's mouth.

Aurigan is a taste and not a color.

It is the oxidixed Aurigan bits that produce the distinctive and pleasant taste horses love.

This particular taste encourages horses to chew and produce saliva which leads to the rapid acceptance of the Aurigan bit.

The extraordinary advantages of Aurigan as a material for bits has been proven by scientific research.

The excellent acceptance of Aurigan in the horses mouth has been confirmed by a long term study at the University of Hanover.

Aurigan is a special nickel free alloy which due to the inclusion of silicon, combines the oxidation advantages of pure copper with maximum strength.

This is guaranteed by the unique formula and composition of aurigan which exceeds the quality of the approved German Silver.

A higher copper content in a bit material does not necessarily result in optimum oxidation.

Aluminium and nickel ingredients actually inhibit the oxidation process of the metal in the horses mouth slowing down the reaction.

Sprenger offers a wide range of bits in Aurigan.

Aurigan bits ensure perfect harmony and satisfy the high demands of competition together with the expectations of ambitious leisure riders.

The extensive research into the oxidation processes and anotamy of the horse's jaw has definitely had an effect on many New Zealanders to change from their normal bits to experience the difference of a Sprenger Bit.