Schockemohle Anatomic Dressage Bridle

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Schockemoehle Sports Anatomic Dressage Snaffle Bridle

Anatomic Dressage Bridle
Anatomic Cut to avoid the sensitive facial nerves
Reduces/eliminates head shaking and muscle spasms

This bridle has been designed with the horses welfare as the prime goal. Recent research suggests that bridle pressure on the head and neck of the horse prevents it from achieving full potential. This bridle promises to undo that effect.

Truly Anatomic Design
The curved caveson design enables bypassing the main sensitive facial nerve. The end result is no pressure exerted on the facial arteries and veins. This means no more Head Shaking and no more muscle spasms. In addition, the padded anatomically shaped headpiece allows free movement of the ears and the neck. The curved flashstrap allows breathing without any restrictions.