Myler Book and DVD Combo

Myler Book and DVD Combo

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'The Level Best for Your Horse' is a comprehensive guide to bits and biting, with clear, easy to understand language.
Many topics are covered including how bits communicate, bit resistance, tongue pressure and the Myler philosophy. There are clear definitions of the Myler Levels, detailed descriptions of the Myler mouthpieces and cheekpieces, an explanation of leverage, and a guide to using the Myler System to select a bit for your horse.

There's also a chapter devoted to telling you how to introduce a new bit including fit, adjustments and transitioning exercises.

A Frequently Asked Questions section will answer the most common questions such as measuring for a bit, evaluating a bit, understanding leverage and comparing mouth pieces.

Includes the DVD, 'A Whole Bit Better', a visual guide to the Myler System.