Brookby Herbs Herbal Calmer (Valerian)

Brookby Herbs Herbal Calmer (Valerian)

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A wonderful selection of dried herbs blended together especially for horses that are sensitive to the touch. 
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A Nervous Horse or even an Exciteable Horse can be Helped with Natural Herbs-  

A nervous horse or even an exciteable horse can be hugely helped by adding natural herbs to their diet. 'Calmer Plus' is an organically certified herbal extract, a brilliant natural supplement for assisting with horse training and to help a nervous  horse or excitable horse relax.

This blend can also help calm your horse's digestive system that is readily affected by stress and emotion in the same way as humans. Herbs can:

  • calm down a nervous  horse
  • reduce stress levels when dealing with new situations
  • help horses re-learn good behaviour
  • help horses relax when under pressure
  • balance the digestive system
  • promote emotional stability to help performance
  • minimise the anxiety of horses when travelling

'Calmer Plus' is a fast acting, concentrated liquid that has relaxing properties to help your nervous horse with anxiety whilst providing extra minerals and vitamins for optimum health.

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Relax your nervous horse today.

Horse training and handling difficult horses or a nervous horse can be stressful for you and your animal. With a bit of natural help from mother nature you can help reduce the anxiety and tension.

The dried blends can be easily mixed straight into your horse's feed. The liquid extract dosage is only 20ml each day, making it a very economical way to supplement your horse's feed prior to a stressful event.

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