Harvest Grains Endo-Chaff Brown Top

Harvest Grains Endo-Chaff Brown Top

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Has a naturally luxurious soft and silky feel.                                    

Free from chemical weed killers and pesticides.

Naturally lower in iron, sugar and protein than other grass chaffs

Safe for horses at risk of:

Laminitis, Founder, EMS, Cushings, Insulin resistance

PER KG: DE 8.7MJ/kg, ME 7MJ/kg, C Protein 7%, Crude Fat 1.4% Starch <0.5, Calcium 0.32g, Phosphorus 0.1g, Sulphur 0.13g, Copper 4mg, Zinc 25mg, Organic Selenium 0.02mg, Manganese 219mg, Iron 59mg, Sodium 0.28g, Chloride 0.8g, Magnesium 0.15g, Potassium 1.1g, Boron 7mg, Molybdenum 0.14mg, Cobalt 0.1mg,