Fortevite Extra

Fortevite Extra

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Fortevite Extra has been formulated to provide the recommended daily requirements of a range of vitamins and minerals and can be used with confidence to supplement diets where any of these are thought to be lacking. It contains organic, highly bioavailable forms of iron, zinc, manganese, copper, selenium and chromium for rapid assimilation and speedy recovery.

Features And Benefits
Provides a full range of Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids.
Your base supplement.
Great for preparation prior to competition.
Suitable and safe for all types of horses.
Ensures general health, wellbeing and vitality.
30g measuring scoop enclosed.

Why should I use Fortevite Extra?
FORTEVITE EXTRA contains 25 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to correct deficiencies and imbalances in the horse's diet.

It also contains some of the highest levels of vitamins and minerals, a number of which are highly bioavailable, including chromium and has been formulated using the latest scientific knowledge - we challenge you to compare FORTEVITE EXTRA'S formula with any other product for quality and potency of ingredients. It includes highly bioavailable organic forms of iron, manganese, copper, selenium and chromium.

FORTEVITE EXTRA is a "foundation" supplement to which other supplements, for specific needs, can be added. Grains and grasses often lack the essential elements or they lose their potency in storage.

It provides extra nutrients to promote coat condition, strength and repair tendons and to ensure optimum health and muscle function and therefore provides the basis for health and performance of any horse.

When should I use Fortevite Extra?
Fortevite Extra can be used as a foundation supplement for horses all year round.

Note: Overworked, sick, illthrifty and old horses have a greater need for extra vitamins and minerals. See your veterinarian for their increased daily dose requirements.