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Functional feed supplement for building and supporting gastric health in Yearlings and Senior horses.
What is Floratide-E?

Floratide-E is a unique blend of functional feed prebiotics that stimulate the growth and/or the activity of beneficial microflora to support and develop a healthy functioning digestive system in young growing horses to improve the uptake of nutrients in addition to stimulating the immune system to defend against pathogenic bacteria that can attack the gut lining.

Building muscle and topline requires a good supply of dietary nutrients and an efficient digestive system that can extract as many of those nutrients as possible.

In older horses, the long term effects of mycotoxins, ulcers, colic or stress can result in a damaged or scarred gut wall that is less efficient in digesting feed and taking nutrients across the gut wall into the blood stream. Older horses that are not able to hold their weight or are more prone to grain overload or hindgut acidosis may benefit from the combination of prebiotics, amino acids and nucleotides that improve digestion and help protect against the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

What is in Floratide-E?

Glutamine: Glutamine is an amino acid used as fuel by muscles for contraction and growth and also provides gut immune cells with fuel to help prevent growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Beta-glucans: Beta-glucan is a polysaccharide known to stimulate the immune system to mount a wide scale response to pathogens invading the digestive tract. It has profound effects on animal body systems in modulating the immune response and helping to heal damaged gut tissue.

Beta-glucan also creates a gel in the gut, slowing the passage of feed and giving more time for starch to be digested, reducing the potential for starch overflow and hindgut acidosis.

DNA-RNA Nucleotides: Dietary nucleotides, little pieces of DNA needed for the functioning of genes and cell replication, are found to have an important effect in promoting the growth of beneficial microflora and inhibiting potential pathogens. Not all cells are able to make their own nucleotides and so a dietary source is essential to keep the gut wall growing and renewing itself.

Mannan oligosaccharides: Mannan oligosaccharides have been found to bind to pathogens, preventing them from becoming established in the gut, producing debilitating toxins. Instead they are bound and flushed out. In addition, mannan oligosaccharides stimulate the immune system and encourage the growth of intestinal cells that are responsible for the digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. It has been shown in young animals that feeding mannan oligosaccharides at an early age will result in a life-long improvement in digestive efficiency.