FITS Performax Zip Breech

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Rather than one single piece of leather as in traditional breeches, FITS Performax Zip Full Seat Breeches feature segmented leather panels to allow for maximum range of motion without restriction. This enables the rider to spread their seat bones for a deeper, more secure position in the saddle.

Soft, supple deerskin with tiny perforations creates more surface resistance against the saddle, which can give a better grip than flat or imitation leather or suede. The holes also increase stretch capacity and freedom of motion.
These breeches have a gusseted crotch that is leather-free and has no center seam, which eliminates the tendency for the breeches to pull down at the crotch or feel in any way binding.

The Powernet 4 way stretch "abb" panel wraps from the rider's left hip around the abdomen to the right hip. This gives subtle body core support and smooth, flattering lines to the tummy and hip areas. Powernet at your inner calf helps alleviate bulk and heat build up inside the boots as well and also affords the closest possible contact between leg and horse.

The front of the 2" waistband is slightly dipped for comfort while the back is raised for increased coverage and support.
This all-season breech features soft, looped micro-poly yarns, which wick moisture in hot weather and trap air for insulating and warming in cold weather.

The outer face of the fabric is micro-nylon, which is abrasion resistant.
29% Lycra fabric camouflages cellulite while comfortably supporting and shaping legs and body.

***Free with the White is the Wunderbreech****
Wunderbreech is a shape flattering blend of cotton, poly and Lycra in a capri length that smooths and hides what you'd prefer not be seen. Our highly opaque blend helps fill cellulite lines and cover skin blemishes. Wunderbreech incorporates a seamless, gusseted crotch for maximum comfort. The capri style is cooler than full length designs that bulk under boots. And the longer length eliminates unsightly and uncomfortable panty and hem lines visible with traditional and knee length underwear.