EquiScentials Hair & Hoof Moisturiser

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HAIR & HOOF MOISTURIZER is a conditioner for extremely dry skin, hair, and hooves. This formulation will not get gummy or build up with moderate use. It is ideal to use after body clipping the horse. When worked into the coat or onto the skin, it will reduce flaking and relieve itching. It can also be used in combination with COAT ENHANCER to treat tail rubbing.
As a hoof moisturizer, it is not greasy and adsorbs into to the hoof wall without buildup. It is designed to replace the natural hoof oils that may be removed by normal farrier care or sanding while preparing for show.

• Moisturizes hooves, manes & tails

• Helps keep hair soft, strong & flexible

• Protective barrier minimizes hoof drying

• Leaves the hoof with a low luster shine for showing

• Includes natural Sunflower Seed Oil that will not get gummy

• No turpentine, pine tar, or rosin