Digestrite Performance

Digestrite Performance

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Digest-Rite Performance is a nutritional supplement especially formulated for performance horses. It contains a combination of prebiotics, digestive enzymes and toxin binders to enhance digestion of grain based diets and at the same time helps maintain a healthy digestive tract. It also binds harmful mycotoxins that often contaminate grains or hay and endophyte ryegrass (known to create the condition called Ryegrass Staggers).

To meet the demands of training, competition and racing, performance horses need access to a concentrated energy source. Grains such as oats, barley and maize are ideally suited because of their high starch content. Because these grains are not part of their natural diet, horses are limited in the amount of starch they are able to digest at one time. If too much grain is fed at once, or if the passage of ingested grain through the small intestine is too rapid, undigested starch will pass into the large intestine where it will undergo bacterial fermentation.

Hindgut fermentation of starch, especially in the absence of adequate fibre (grass and hay) intake, can lead to a condition known as hindgut acidosis. The acids produced by the fermentation process can affect performance, causing problems like stressful behaviour, over-excitability and muscle tye-up.Feeding a product that will enhance carbohydrate digestion has obvious advantages for the performance horse. Add to this the advantages of a product that has the ability to bind harmful mycotoxins, such as those from mould and endophyte fungus, it is easy to see why Digest-Rite should be part of every performance horse’s diet.

Digest-Rite Performance is more than just a simple digestive additive – like those containing live yeast cultures. Digest-Rite Performance contains pre-biotics (mannan oligosaccharides), digestive enzymes (á amylase and â glucanase), rice bran oil and silicated oxides.

It has a four way action:

1. By slowing the passage of food through the small intestine, allowing more time for the horse’s own digestive enzymes to work.

2. By enhancing digestion through the inclusion of enzymes that can break down sugar and starch.

3. The inclusion of the pre-biotics helps maintain a functional gut wall and ensures that nutrients are absorbed efficiently following digestion.

4. The silicated oxides bind harmful toxins and once bound they cannot be absorbed and are passed out in the horse’s faeces, also helping to prevent the absorption of the harmful by- products of hindgut fermentation.

Digest-Rite should be fed to horses on high grain diets or when pasture conditions increase the likelihood of nutritional problems occurring. It should also be added if there is any likelihood that the hay being fed has developed any mould during storage.

It contains no prohibited substances.

Digest-Rite SPORT formulation is available for horses on mainly pasture diets.