Compete Extreme Electrolyte

Compete Extreme Electrolyte

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Electrolyte Extreme is a professionally formulated Electrolyte Supplement to give your horse back what he sweats out everyday.

Horses need a continuous supply of fluids and electrolytes to perform at their best. Sweating results in the loss of not only water but also essential electrolytes. If these losses are not replaced, metabolic imbalances may result in a lactic acid build up, ‘Tying up’ syndrome, dehydration and decreased performance. Electrolytes contain soluble salts that are easily available to the horse to use for normal cell functions.

Electrolyte Extreme is flavored with green apple, which is highly palatable to the horse.

One of the most economical of the commercial electrolytes available,
Feeding - up to 300 kg horse 20g per day, Over 350 Kg horse 30g per day.