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A blend of the most absorbable and effective forms of magnesiumwith their essential co-factor: boron.

Alleviate has a very small dose rate. Alleviate is the only magnesium supplement capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. People use the same ingredients to sharpen their mind before examinations. It helps horses to be able to ‘think straight’.

Can be dissolved and syringed if necessary

Stress:  A lack of magnesium will cause a horse to exhibit signs of stress at a far lower threshold than one who is not lacking magnesium. Magnesium helps to relax nerves & muscles including the internal ‘smooth’ muscle of the heart and arterial circulation, the airways and the digestive tract.
These ‘smooth muscles’ stay in the contraction phase too long when there is insufficient magnesium available to facilitate their release. 

For Performance and Race-Horses Alleviate, by releasing and dilating, promotes superior nerve, muscle, respiratory and circulatory function allowing maximum oxygen delivery to tissues.
It needs to be understood that we are not using magnesium to make the horse better than normal, merely to ensure he is normal, can cope with domestic life and perform to his full genetic potential. It certainly isn’t normal for a horse to be tight, tense and anxious. Tense muscles cannot perform and will produce a shorter stride and less fluid movement.