Rug Choices for the New Zealand Summer

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How hard is it to find the perfect cover for this time of the year?! The weather goes from boiling hot, to torrential down pours with some added lightening mixed in. And it seems like anything that is 100% waterproof will also make your horse sweat in the sun, so what should you do?

The problem is once you make a cover 100% waterproof, you seal it off so water doesn't come in but unfortunately under direct heat from the sun this same seal will cause the horse to sweat. 

 There are however shower proof covers on the market that will keep your dry the majority of the time except for when the thunderstorms blow in. And when they do get wet, these types of covers will dry quickly. As they are not sealed so they breathe easily and are a great cover to have if you are unlikely to change covers daily. 

We also sell a huge range of lightweight summer sheets which are perfect for typical, hot summer weather. They are not water proof and in the on-off storms we have been having they will cause your horse to get wet. Which isn't always a bad thing as it has been so muggy lately, a bit of water may be refreshing to your horse. 

Kool Coat Airstream

So here are your options:


We have 1200 Denier covers with no fill from both Weatherbeeta and Zilco that offer a completely waterproof cover. 

The Eseential Lite from Weatherbeeta comes in a rug only ($132.00), a combo ($145.00) and a wide fit combo ($156.00). The Weatherbeeta covers come with a 3 year warranty on the hardware, breathability and waterproofness.  

 Zilco also makes the Crusader Lite which is their version of a 1200 Denier rain sheet; the rug only option is $139.90 and the combo is $159.90 and the covers come with a 1 year warranty. 


The Zilco Hamilton Cover is a top seller for this time of year as it is showerproof while still breathing when the weather gets hot thus preventing your horse from sweating. It is a great cover to own if you work a 8-5 job and the weather changes throughout the day as you do not need to worry about your horse sweating or staying dry. The rug only option is $87.50 and the combo is $125.00. 

Summer Sheets

We offer a huge range of summer sheets which are all perfect for the New Zealand summer but unfortunately will not keep your dry in rain. See the whole range here

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