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First Complete Digestive Formula for all Three Stages of the Digestion Process

Keeping your horse’s digestive system in balance and healthy can be a challenge.

Grand Digest is the solution to managing all three stages of digestion and the most comprehensive digestive product available.

Stomach – Detox Grand Digest starts working in the stomach by combining Toxynil-Plus™ and Zeolytes to bind and neutralize mycotoxins and allow them to pass harmlessly through the body. The addition of Glutamine provides nourishment and support to the sensitive stomach lining.

Small Intestine – Enhance Absorption As feed passes into the small intestine our Multizyme™ blend enhances the enzymatic breakdown of nutrients and Glutamine causes the important intestinal villi to grow and thus support their ability to absorb and carry nutrients into the bloodstream.

Hindgut – Improve In the hindgut or large intestine our combination of fungi known as Aspergillus Oryzae and shelf stable Diamond V™ Yeast provide a powerful support system to maximize the breakdown of more fibrous feed, stabilising the PH that helps to support the function of the immune system.Grand Vite is safe when fed in addition to forage, pasture, and complete feeds to enhance your horse’s diet.

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