Sprenger Four System Stirrups Sprenger Four System Stirrups

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Sprenger system 4 stirrups are a patented and unique stirrup iron, featuring the four-link mechanism. These Sprenger stirrups adapt perfectly to the riders movements, thereby softening the impact on cartilage and ligaments. The high quality materials and the ergonomic form of the system 4 strirrups ensures comfort and security for the rider. The Sprenger system 4 stirrups are the often copied, but offer far superior workmanship and durability. System 4 copies suffer from problems such as creaking, perished rubber sides and even the chain breaking are not unknown. Sprenger stirrups offer far more security and safety than traditional stirrups, the rider will effortlessly be able to retain the correct foot position whatever gait or movement the horse performs. The four links in the side of the system 4 stirrups allow movement in four directions at the same time also enabling immediate release in case of an emergency. The Sprenger stirrup is the only stirrup in the world which has dual lateral flexibility thereby softening the impact on cartilage and ligaments. One of the biggest benefits is the relief of tension in the hips, knees, ankles and calves which benefits riders that are suffering from or prone to injury or strain.

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