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New from Schockemohle Sports products! The Schockemohle Sports Canter Elastic Girth is crafted with a revolutionary technology and a new, quality design. This girth is designed with both horse and rider in mind! It is professionally crafted with high-quality neoprene material, which provides your horse with a soft cushioning for maximum comfort and flexibility during athletic performance. The strong, durable elastic is one-sided, so that it is easy to tighten and will ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The Schockemohle Sports Canter Elastic Girth is also equipped with massive stainless steel rollerbuckles to ensure strength, durability, and easy attachment to achieve the perfect fit.

The Schockemohle Sports Canter Elastic Girth is designed to transform your ride by providing your horse with the most comfort and flexibility to enable him to perform his very best. The nylon inlay and the soft edges of this girth prevent excessive sweating and rubbing while riding. It is effortless to maintain and easy to clean so that your horse will have the opportunity to ride refreshed. This girth is professionally crafted with the same quality and expertise of all Schockemohle Sports products, made with the needs of both horse and rider in mind.

The Schockemohle Sports Canter Elastic Girth is the latest new technology from Schockemohle Sports. This girth is designed to keep your horse cool and comfortable during athletic performance. Its technological design is sure to give you and your horse a look of sophistication and athleticism.

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