Myler L1 Eggbutt Hooks MB02 Myler L1 Eggbutt Hooks MB02

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Level: 1 - MB02 (Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel)

Ideal when:
- Beginning training
- Learning basic gaits, transitions and obedience
- Beginning to break at the poll

- Curved mouthpiece for ease of swallowing
- Use tongue pressure and bar pressure (working mostly off the tongue)
- Distribute tongue pressure more evenly than traditional designs
- Pinch & Restrict with a Release teaches the horse to relax at the poll and stay in his "comfort zone."

Pinch & Restrict: With rein pressure, the mouthpiece collapses inward on the bars and rolls downward into the tongue. Once the horse relaxes at the poll, the pressure is released and the horse learns to stay in the pressure-free position

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