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The Cohesive Elastic adhesive bandage is an economical, self-adhering bandage that provides excellent porosity in a lightweight, comfortable bandage. It adheres to itself but not to other surfaces such as hair or skin, making it easy to remove. Each Bandage stretches up to 10cm wide and 4.5m long. Each Cohesive Bandage Box contains 12 Cohesive Bandages.

Features & Benefits:

Adheres to itself
Controlled compression - will not constrict
Provides protection
Easily tears in both directions
Special construction providing consistent non-slip support
Won't stick to hair and skin
Light weight and porous structure which aids skin breathability
variety of colours

Uses include:

Holding IVs in place
General support and compression of safe tissue injuries
Affixing monitors
Prophyaxis against sports injuries
Edema control

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